Hello there. I am Thabby Regiani (born Thabata Regiani), and I am a graphic designer. My path to becoming a designer started when I was a kid, cutting old magazines up, to rearrange them “in a better way”. It followed me during my first round in college, graduating in Architecture and Urbanism in my native land, Brazil. It flew with me to the distant lands of Moscow, Russia, while on an international internship with UNESCO. It was always there with me as I ventured into the freelance world, creating projects from a single business card to working with a team of set designers to create an entire facade decoration project that happened to be one of the most famous buildings of my home city of São Paulo. It brought me to the beautiful mountains of Idaho, where I got my second undergrad degree, this time officially in graphic design. Finally, landed me here in Seattle, where there is so much to be learned. It is the guts of design that interest me the most, knowing where it connects itself with the time and culture that surrounds it, and how can it speak of its uniqueness to the world.
Life has been a great adventure so far.
And now here I am, ready for what comes next.
Download my resume in PDF here.
Thank you for stopping by!
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