Graphic Design, Illustration, Pattern Design

Book cover and layout project for a self written fiction book.

Baroque is an experimental book design project, with a fictional copy written by yours truly. The idea is to develop a commercial book that retains the feeling of a journal or a personal prayer book, kept always close to oneself. For that reason, the cover evokes a Victorian feel to it (while the brain is related to the subject of the book).
The belly band keeps all reference to brand, and because it is removable, it can be printed in different colors. That creates unique opportunities to display the product in a retail environment (from color groupings or mixes). Once the book is purchased, the belly band can be removed and used as a bookmark. 
Different colors of belly bands make the book more interesting at point of sale. The belly band can be removed so the book resembles more of a personal journal, since the main theme is based on personal and intimate themes.
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